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Thankyou for another lovely paint job on my BMW M3.  I will certainly continue to recommend your services
Debbie Halloway
Just a line to thank you all at Spryastyle for the efficient and professional way you managed the repair of the car for us following the accident on the 30th April.  I am very impressed with the repair now I have had the time to look at the work more closely.  I was also very impressed the way you had cleaned the car inside in all a first class quality service from you
John Pritchard

I felt that I had to write and congratulate you on recommending such a high quality repair specialist.  When I first saw my Mercedes SLK I fell in love with it, and it has exceeded my expectations.  I had only had the car for one week when someone had put a deep scratch along the off side rear wing.  Your service manager tried very hard to polish the scratch out, but unfortunately to no avail.  He advised me to visit SprayStyle your preferred Mercedes Body Specialists to see what could be done.

I was very impressed by the service.  I was greeted and made to feel welcome then Billy came and looked at the damage.  He told me that he would try very hard to repair the scratch without having to spray the whole wing.  I was then provided with a quotation and the terms of business with regard to payment.  My SLK was repaired on time, fully valeted and ready for collection.  When I arrived I looked around the car before going into SprayStyle so that I could have a close look by myself.  I scrutinised the wing, it was perfect.  I don’t know how they managed to blend the paintwork in but it looks like new, you cant tell it’s ever been repaired.  The cost of the repair was also very reasonable and to my surprise they had even polished out some small surface scratches on the near side rear wing free of charge.

Having my SLK like new again has made me feel really happy which has prompted me to write.  When a jobs been done really well “Credit where Credits Due”.  Well done to the Mercedes Team especially SprayStyle. 

Jacqueline Noble.

Billy and Peter

Thank  you very much for the great service you gave me while repairing my Mercedes E63 AMG.  Its nice to know in this day and age some people still care about customers.  Please accept this small gift as a token of my appreciation. 

Jamie Mercer.

Please thank the boys for a ‘Job Well Done’.  Exceeding expectations in quality and workmanship.  All carried out in a friendly and professional manner.   


Dear Peter, Billy, Girls and Colin too!

What a delightful experience it was to have my car repaired so beautifully by such lovely people.  Very sincere thanks….


Dear Peter,

I refer to the repair carried out to my Mercedes-Benz.  I am absolutely amazed at the way the vehicle looks now, the paintwork polishes almost to a mirror finish, and looks almost like a brand new car even though its 4 years old.  I now doubt it very much that I will ever want to sell it, except to say that when the time comes for a respray, I shall be in touch.  As you recommended, I will have it wax oiled in about a couple of years time so at least the salt wont get at it over the longer time scale, in the mean time, keep the good work up.

Your sincerely, 

Stephen A Henson.
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